My Little Ones Imagination Shown Through Color



  Hey Everyone!

Its been too long, just over here working away and enjoying life with my family. Recently we purchased our first home and we love it so much! Its crazy how much space we have now and we have just begun to really start making this space our own. I couldn’t wait to have a home so I could decorate a space with confidence knowing we wouldn’t move a year later.


Recently we were given the opportunity to work with Dunn-Edwards Paints and this opportunity has been such a dream. My Father has been a painting contractor since his early 20’s and anytime I hear about a project involving or the smell fresh paint it makes me giddy thinking of my childhood. My dad would come home in his white painting paints and white short sleeved shirt with little splatters and drips of paint on his knees, shoes, elbows and hair. I always loved seeing all the different colors he had worked with on his “uniform.”


Another favorite memory with my dad were long drives looking at his paint swatch booklet and imagining all the projects I could think that would work with each color, or pairing colors to see what odd but equally beautiful combinations I could come up with. when I went into Dunn-Edwards Paints to finalize my project I met with Caitlyn the stores Professional Color Advisor to help me determine the right colors and amount of paint needed for my project. Caitlyn not only helped me with details for this project but also helped me with other rooms in my house just based of pictures I brought in of each space. I was so impressed that she knew what I was going for and I even went home with FREE samples to try just to make sure. Make sure to get your FREE sample here, I can’t wait to show you wha I was able to do with one sample in another post.


 Dunn-Edwards has just short of 2,000 in their Perfect Palette System, because of this I was so thankful for the PCA’s help. It only took us about 15 minutes to determine the colors I wanted for 3 separate rooms and her professional help was free. I love that Dunn-Edwards offers FREE consultations with the PCA, without her help I would have been lost in the Rainbow.


I was a little nervous right before I went into my consultation because I changed my mind as to which room I would be transforming with color. I decided to do our little girls room. What made me most nervous is the toxins that she would breath in days after the paint dried because it was still fresh. My PCA told me about Dunn-Edwards GREEN LEGACY and my concerns were gone. In 1983 Dunn-Edwards reformulated their paints to contain a non-toxic alternative to Ethylene Glycol. There is virtually no odor after painting. Dunn-Edwards Paints are of the highest quality ingredients and pigment.


A little bit more as to why I chose to decorate the way we did! If you know Aiva she is one spunky little doll! She lives in the moment. Her imagination and creations are centered around rainbows, unicorns, princesses, glitter, pink, tiny trinkets and clouds. My goal for her room was to be all the things found in her dreams. The sky doesn’t have to be blue it can have a touch of green. Her room is far from being finished but I can’t wait to share this little slice of our home!

Alright here it is! This is just the first of many home decor and paint creations to hit the blog.








Color Used: Seafoam DE 5695

Learn about Dunn-Edwards FREE color consultation service and download a FREE sample coupon valid for one 8 oz. Perfect Palette® Sampler™ at any Dunn-Edwards store. *Coupon is valid until August, 31 2017.

Love Bug

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This week the “love bug” has been leaving Aiva small gifts leading up to Valentine’s Day. Griff is a great story teller so I’ll share this one with you.
Here is a little story by Griff and I.
The LOVE bug
Griff’s part of the story:
If you are a little girl, you get little boy love bug.
If you are a little boy, you get a little girl love bug.
My part of the story:
When you get older your little bug might sweetly bite someone and they will love only you forever 💕
Aiva, Mommy is my love bug!
The End!
Do you have any fun Valentine or love stories you tell your little ones?

Movie Night

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One of our favorite dates is going to the movies.When I was pregnant with Aiva movie theater popcorn became my biggest craving. Since having her I’m still an addict and so is she. So we could honeslty go out to the movies and see the worst movie of all time but as long as the popcorn was good I couldn’t have enjoyed the movie more. 

I wanted to share the movies we have gone out to see this year and share a few we have watched at home.

If you want to read a little summary of each movie click directly on the underlined title and it will take you to my favorite site IMDB.

PASSANGERS – Both Griff and I can agree that we loved seeing this movie in theaters. Go see it before it isn’t playing on the big screen anymore.  Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were amazing together. I love Jennifer because she is such a chameleon in each roles she plays and Chris is amazing too, if you haven’t watched Parks and Rec get on that stat and you’ll understand why I love seeing him on the big screen!



SING – We had so much fun taking Aiva to a movie in the theater, it’s always fun to watch her face light up when she truly loves a movie. Griff thought this movie was worth seeing in the theaters or at home. I really loved the movie, we definitely got our moneys worth but I wouldn’t mind enjoying this movie at home so we could dance and party during all the fun songs both new and old.


SPLIT – You guys I can’t believe I watched this thriller in theaters. I am so easily scared and get nightmares so easily so I try not to watch anything that will get in my head. Our good friend Jordan said he really enjoyed the acting so we switched things up and went to see this thriller. Both Griff and I agree that this movie was really great in theaters, I would totally go see it again!


LA LA LAND – Okay please don’t hurt me for saying this… Ryan Gosling is a super handsome man but am I the only one that doesn’t droll over him? maybe I’m missing something. Hmmmmm. Anyway I liked this movie, Ryan and Emma are both so talented, loved it, made me cry, it was different. That is all. We would have been just as happy seeing this one at home. Watch it with a friend or your valentine!



TROLLS – Haaaaaairrrr up! So Aiva actually went to see this movie in theaters with my mom and my mom took my nieces and nephews to see it before taking her. We just purchased this movie this week when it was available to take home. We loved it so much we watched it two nights in a row. I want all the Trolls, they are so cute. Every family needs this movie, it’s that good!



THE BEAVER – So this one totally threw us for a loop. When we were searching for a movie to watch together this came up under “Comedy.” Looking at it, ya it seems comical Mel Gibson has a puppet on his hand. Well it kept us entertained enough to watch the whole thing but it was definatily a drama not a comedy. I recommend it mostly because it was so interesting, oh and J-law is in this one too!


FINDING DORY – Awww, I saw this movie in theaters with the fam. Finding Nemo came out when I was in 6th grade so we had go see this one. I can’t believe Finding Dory is on NETFLIX,  they are really stepping up their game! The first minute of the movie I started tearing up because Dory is so cute, oh Disney you know how to pull on my heartstrings.


THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE – This is a funny family movie! I’m also obsessed Josh Gad, he plays the character voice for Chuck the yellow bird and Olaf from Frozen. Like most kids movies Angry Birds has enough humor to entertain the parents too.



A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS– I really loved the movie (ASOUE) that came out in 2004 starring Jim Carrey so I’m not even going to bash that, but I will say I was sad they didn’t make more movies, that cast was great. So speaking of making more movies… what about a whole series!!! Well Netflix answered my prayers and went even more in depth with Lemony Snicket’s book ASOUE and made a whole season to watch on our beloved NETFLIX! I’m going to be honest and I might loose some friends after I say this but I wasn’t a super fan of How I Met Your Mother and almost didn’t want to watch this series because I thought Neil Patrick Harris would remind me of that show. Well NPH makes me want to watch HIMYM again beacuse he was so great on this show. We actually watched this show with our 4 year old and she really liked it, a couple times she would close her eyes but there wasn’t anything to be scared of! I cant wait for more! 


10 Things I Hate About You – Classic on Netflix. Just go watch it. You’ll gross out over the party scene, crack up about the dance moves and swoon over Heath Ledger like it was the first time you watched it.




Do you have any great movie suggestions or series you love on Netflix or Hulu?

Sunday Sunrise Simmer

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Hey everyone, it is so good to be back. After the holiday season I took a “blog holiday” at the beginning of the year just so I could spend time with my family as my schedule changed and I transitioned into a new job. I love keeping up with friends, family and fellow bloggers through my blog so I’m ready to get back on track with sharing more about us Tereault’s!

I am super excited to be working with RAGU to bring you a fun recipe that I hope you’ve never tried. This recipe is a Griffin (my husband) original.fullsizeoutput_76f Sunday mornings or afternoons are our favorite time to eat a big meal together just the three of us. This recipe is one we’ve made with a base of soup or a yummy sauce. We are calling this our Sunday Sunrise Simmer.

Start with browning sausage on each side.

Now poor in Homestyle RAGU Pasta Sauce, We went with the Thick & Hearty traditional.


bring to a mild boil then drop the temperature to a simmer.

Crack an egg in the pan of sauce for each person, grind fresh pepper over top and cover pan with lid.


We made some hash browns and toast to pair with our eggs and sausage at this time.

fullsizeoutput_73cAfter the egg has been cooking in the RAGU for about 7 minutes your meal is done.

Plate, sprinkle some parm, serve and enjoy!


This meal makes me feel super Italian, although I’ve never visited Italy I imagine they are super creative with their breakfast and eat some yummy marinara in the mornings too.

Make sure to check out Ragu’s new line of homestyle pasta sauces. They have so many to choose from! For more recipes visit this page!

Thanks for stopping by


Black Friday, Stay up or sleep in?

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Okay you know when you have a little something that sometimes wakes you up in the middle of the night then you just CAN’T go to sleep again? My little something is my sweet baby child who wanted a drink of water. Love her so much.

Since I couldn’t sleep I thought I would share a little Black Friday deal with you!


Griff received this beautiful timepiece from JORD.  I have been wanting to get him a watch since we were married, I just couldn’t find one that fit his style. When I discovered JORD I knew this was the type of watch that was as unique as he is to me. Here is a direct link to his Zebrawood and Obsidian Carbon watch.


Griff and I have always ask ourselves this question before we purchase something.

Is it timeless?

For us this means, will this style be popular both now or in years to come?


Yes, while Griff’s Delmar Series has a modern twist with its rectangular face I feel like it will stay in style for years to come. They have so many other options with completely different looks if the Delmar isn’t your jam. Check out the men’s shop filled with something that will fit the style of any man.

Griff loves his unique wood watch, it is a conversation starter for sure. He was so bummed the other day when he forgot to put it on while he headed out the door to work. I felt bad his little wrist buddy was all alone that day.


I’m super jelly Griff got this piece, I’m hoping he will think of me this year and get me a watch from the women’s shop, I’m loving the Frankie series. I’m crushing on the emerald real hard right now, tis the season.


I almost forgot to tell you Jord is having a BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! Say what??? YES! SALE.

HERE is the link to all their BF deals. JORD hardly ever discounts their treasures, so make sure to snag one while you can. You won’t be disappointed.

If you want a deal that is even sweeter you can get a gift card sent straight to your email right now to save even more! You can get this gift card till Dec. 16 2016, it doesn’t expire right away either.  So sleep in, don’t go out in the crowd, order from the comfort of your own home.  Are you going to treat yo self? or gift one to another?


Can’t wait to see your wrists come to life! okay I should try to catch a few more z’s.

Honey if you’re reading this, just remember Frankie Series in Emerald. 

Another online favorite I just thought of  is Statesman Ties

These ties are perfect for the man in you life who has served a mission or gone to a state or country that greatly impacted their life. 

When my little brother goes on a mission I plan on sending him one of their unique ties in his missionary care packages

Their ties came about when the creator was on his mission and often would look for new ties to wear. On the last days of his mission he was given a tie that had the same colors as the Ukrain flag and it has become a wonderful keepsake for him. 

When he came home he knew others would love to have a similar keepsake and that is how Statesman Ties was born. 

My favorite part about the tie is that you can have a personalized message hand embroidered by the talented Ana.

I chose ” Time Well Spent ” for my husband and father. 

Give them or send you missionary ” A tie that means something” 

Can’t wait to see your wrists  come to life! okay I should try to catch a few more z’s.

Honey if you’re reading this, just remember Frankie Series in Emerald. 

Wooden Wristwatch

Saving More


This is a sponsored post, all opinions shared are my own!

I love saving money and not just on adventures or places I’ve never been but also on the places I shop at everyday. I love using Groupon Coupons, you’re able to look up the stores you visit everyday, see their ads and their offers all in one place. No searching high and low through their website or browsing google and landing on a site that asks for an arm, leg and possibly your first born child before they will reveal a code that you try and doesn’t end up working at checkout. 

Use Groupon Coupons. They are trusted and a great source right before you hit checkout. My favorite part about the Groupon Coupons  feature is you don’t have to pay for the deal  before you are able to use it.  The deal will direct you to the website with the offer loaded and ready to go. 


I’m guessing you are already a member of Groupon if your reading this, if not make sure to sign up or download the Groupon app for easier access to Groupon Coupons use when you are out and about. I think the best score I found on Groupon Coupons is for Nordstrom and Charming Charlie. I don’t receive their emails or mail in offers but I do use Groupon Coupons that way all my info is in one place and I’m not receiving an inbox full of offers and i’m saving my mailman some time too! I get to look up offers when I want!  d3ec321c-54da-4e0e-bf95-7dd70e946723